The Rules

These are the rules that we wrote and added to for the Facebook page. Pretty easy to follow.

HEAR YE, HEAR YE, from the Admin.If you are not buying something or selling something that is SCA Martial do not ask it here or sell it here.

Number ONE no no. Sales are private keep them private if you don’t you will not buy on here anymore or sell on here anymore. Also I am not a Mediator, Arbitrator, Jury or Judge. Don’t IM me whinin about your failed purchase or if someone is bashin your product or name. That will get you removed as well.

Publicly there is a way to report posts so I can review them use that feature please.

Number TWO no no. If it can’t be used in a SCA Martial activity don’t sell it here or ask about it here. IE: Live steel. This meens Sharp Blades.Light weapons, Rapier/C&T equipment is cool, and thrown weapons stuff is cool. On these lines, archery stuff is cool as well as long as it falls into SCA rules and regs. You try to sell a Compound bow with Razor cross tip arrows you get the big gong show send off.

This is a place that members of the SCA can sell their new and used Armour and combat related items. This group is here only to put individuals in touch with each other for the sale/barter/buying of SCA combat related items. If anything other than SCA combat related items are presented in any form, they and their respective owners will be removed.

If a individual would like to post something that they feel may not fall under the guidelines above but may be related they need to run it by the admins.
Warren Barrows,Tamara Sawyer, James Ecoff or Aaron Rusty Lloyd
This includes Lost Armour posts, Fund raising posts, etc. etc…

This forum is to be used to put private individuals in touch with each other to buy/barter/sell:

Heavy Combat armour and equipment (SCA regulation only please)
Archery equipment (SCA regulation only please)
Combat archery equipment
Thrown weapons
Rapier equipment
Equestrian equipment
Siege weapons and equipment
Youth combat equipment

Please keep in mind, this is only a forum for private individuals to buy and sell their SCA combat related items. The owners of this forum are not responsible for any transactions,items, or disputes. All sales are between the sellers and buyers.

Please contact the individuals privately, keep all buying/selling personal and off this site.

If you are the owner of a company looking to do business, you are welcome to post a link to your own page along with a brief description of the type of wares you have (must link to SCA combat related items only). This site is not for blatant advertising. Excessive posting will be dealt with by removal from this site. Please remember, this is for private individuals to contact each other for buying/bartering/selling personal equipment. This site is not meant for companies to run their businesses off of.

Any grievances should be handled privately. Anyone airing their grievances on this forum will be removed. Please be respectful of each other.

Any questions should be directed to Warren Barrows on Facebook.